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2020 Virgo Horoscope: A Stable And Calm Year Ahead

This way you get a better overall picture of the astrological influences in your life. Helpful, Reliable, Analytical, Careful, Accurate. Saturn and Pluto remain — just as in throughout the year in the sector of love. Because of this you are more serious regarding love.

You are committed to the people you love.

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People disappear from your life where you no longer feel a strong connection and you become closer to those with whom you have a reliable and strong connection. If you are single, you are not open to fleeting encounters. You think seriously about what a relationship means to you.

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You want to build a solid and reliable foundation. Uranus is in your intimacy sector until March He has been here in recent years. Because of this you have come to know intimacy in a completely different way. Starting in March, Uranus will be in the sector until , which rules your higher thinking, your higher mind.

The way you look at the world around you will change drastically. Your perception will change and your prospects become more positive.

You want to learn new things. You are open to unconventional ideas and methods.

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You are going outside your comfort zone in the coming years. Keywords for Virgo in The action planet Mars is in your career sector in April to mid-May. During this period you feel extra ambitious, disciplined and you work harder than normal.

Some Virgos become excellent translators, and others become actors since remembering your lines is not a problem—many Virgos have a photographic memory. You keep your eyes on the product and performance, and you have a perfectionist instinct that drives you to make your work polished. The new moon last month on September 28 in Libra, at five degrees, opened opportunities to earn more money and cut recurring expenses that you no longer use.

That new moon is still strong as you enter October, and you can find ways to increase your cash flow.

Astrologer Susan Miller shares her forecast for your career - Ideas

If you feel you are due for a raise, there is no harm in asking for one now as you enter October—do so in the first week. This suggests your efforts to have your finances in good shape will pay off. Matters involving property—the buying or selling of a house or items you have in the house such as furniture in a yard sale —will be an especially lucrative area for you to investigate in early October. With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world.

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Print Horoscope. Daily Astrology Zone With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world. See Another Sign's Monthly Horoscope:.

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